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The electoral success of a politician depends on abilities to maintain a constant connection with citizens. The objective of our consultants is to achieve strong bonds between voters and politicians. The company allows customers to access multidisciplinary teams of high level and specialization in design and implementation of electoral strategies to ensure their best performance at the polls.

BB&R offers expert advice in creating and consolidating the image and political leadership of candidates and party organizations, both in the context of an election campaign as well as in inter-electoral periods. Our consultants are trained in creating positive perceptions among voters and generating conditions conducive to the approval of the government initiatives by the public opinion.

The electoral division team is qualified for handling quantitative and qualitative methodological techniques which ensures detection of electoral behavior key patterns for the success of a political campaign. Some of the types of studies that our consultants executed are:

  • Public opinion surveys (face to face or over the telephone)
  • Market segmentation electoral studies and other multivariate statistical methods
  • Focus groups
  • Experimental studies for the creation and evaluation of political spots
  • Policy strategies based on vote distribution and the electoral system
  • Game theory models for the design of strategies in electoral campaigns
  • Game theory models specific to negotiation policies
  • Data mining to obtain key information on voters
  • Computer Simulations