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Social Responsibility

In recent decades, the philosophy of Social Responsibility has been adopted by different social actors (companies, universities, and mass media). What initially seemed as a passing trend has become a way of conceiving organizational management. Simultaneously, it has increased the number of citizens who evaluate the institutions and organizations depending on its commitment to these ethical criteria and friendly behaviors to both the environment and human rights.

Often, organizations are unaware of how they can proceed to make social responsibility part of the structural axis of their actions. The consultants of the Division of Social Responsibility of BB&R are trained to meet the needs and identity of the client, by providing support in this area through the following tasks:

  • Socio-environmental diagnosis of the organizational context
  • Detection of good practices and benchmarking
  • Drafting and implementation of Codes of Ethics
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of policies and projects of Social Responsibility
  • Advice for the creation of an organizational culture of Social Responsibility
  • Standardization of the Sustainability Scorecard
  • Human resources management in the field of Social Responsibility
  • Creation, implementation and evaluation of corporate volunteering
  • Management of the relation with the stakeholders
  • Management of the reputation and strategic communication for Social Responsibility
  • Definition of Social Marketing strategies
  • Corporate governance and organizational transparency
  • Preparation of sustainability reports according to the parameters of Global Reporting
  • Support the achievement of certifications in Social Responsibility, Environmental Protection and Quality (SA, ISO)